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A typical kitchen cabinet is 22 inches deep – that’s a terrific amount of storage, but when so much of the space is difficult to access, it becomes either a terrific waste of space or an accumulation of junk. The solution is a shelf inside that space that slides out to display its contents. Easy to access, easy to clean, easy to de-clutter and keep tidy. And very affordable to install. Rev-A-Shelf means storage solutions for your kitchen and other home cabinets. They are the leading USA innovator of residential cabinet storage and organizational products, and we are proud to offer their solutions here in the Toronto area. Sliding waste and recycle bins, base cabinet pull outs, Lazy Susans and blind corner pull outs are some of the clever devices they have designed to improve the storage capacity and accessibility of your kitchen.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with coining the phrase “a place for everything, everything in its place”. This concept is the cornerstone of most any organizational system ever developed. In practical terms, it means that every small appliance in the kitchen should have a home to which it is tidily returned when not in use; every type and size of box, bag and can of food should have a “usual” location so family members don’t need to fling open all the cupboards and rummage in every drawer to see if you’re out of cereal.

The system breaks down quickly when the “place” for something is hard to reach. If putting away the big box of cereal means moving the cans of peas out of the way and sliding the cookies over, the cereal won’t end up back in its proper place very often. And the cookies will be shoved to the back of the cupboard to go stale. If the bread-maker’s “place” is only accessible when you drag a chair over to the top cupboard and climb, you may not bake bread as often as you’d like.

One of the fundamental rules for organizing your home is simply to find a place for everything that is both logical and accessible. Logical means that pots and pans go near the stove, plates and bowls near the dishwasher. Accessible means that pots should not be piled on top of pans and shoved into the very back of a corner cupboard. If you have to kneel and rummage to find the frying pan, we have a better way: a sliding shelf allows you to use all of the available space to the full depth of the cabinet without struggling to access things in the back. Having a pantry in your kitchen is a huge plus for storage. It gives you lots of room for storing the things your family needs every day, as well as the lesser-used items (usually on the highest or lowest shelves). But a deep pantry shelf can also be a place where canned goods and boxes of tea bags go to hide. There is an ebb and flow of supplies on a shelf that pushes infrequently used items to the deep dark recesses of a cabinet. A pullout pantry, on the other hand, brings all of those items out in plain view and within easy reach – great for anyone who has trouble bending down far enough to reach all the way back into a lower shelf space as well. Our shelves are available from 8 to 39 inches wide and in varying heights to accommodate all of your pantry items.

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Our gliding shelves make it possible to reach the back corner of every cupboard, by bringing the back corner and all of its contents front & centre on a pullout shelf. It’s that simple. No major renovations. No demolition & replacement of your existing cupboards. No change to the look of your kitchen (or bathroom, or family room, or garage). We simply install our affordable shelves to make full use of your existing storage space and recapture those lost areas.

The shelves we install are designed and built to glide smoothly and effortlessly, and carry a full warranty for as long as you own your home. They are made of earth friendly and beautiful 9 ply Baltic Birch, the industry’s premium manufacturing material. The strong washable bottom can support up to 100 pounds and the corners use rabbet joints for extra strength. There is no melamine in our products! We use only Blum slides, selected for their reliable quality, and both three-quarter and full extensions are available. For a FREE ESTIMATE on upgrading your cabinets affordably please call us at 647-748-0144. We are a third generation family in the furniture business. We established Custom Slideout Shelves to help our customers conquer clutter at an economical cost, and to bring their cabinets, new or old, to life by making them more accessible and more functional. Whether it’s groceries, pots and pans, or shaving cream, shelves that slide out mean no more kneeling on the floor or emptying an entire cupboard of its contents to reach those items that have migrated to the dark back corner. Bring everything out into the light on a smooth gliding shelf!

Your family’s pantry has more storage capacity than you realize. So do your kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets. The secret to accessing this space is in efficient organization, and making the best use of the hard to reach places in your current configuration of home storage. That’s what our sliding shelves are for: they substantially (and affordably) increase the usable storage space in your existing cabinets without major carpentry work.

We will come to your home to measure your cabinets and recommend the right custom shelves for your specific needs. In addition to shelves that glide, we are proud to offer add-on products by Rev-A-Shelf to solve your kitchen storage conundrums. These products are made by a leading innovator in organization that offers quality and function at an affordable price, backed by a great warranty. From their start in the late 70’s with Lazy Susans, they have expanded their product line to include sliding bins, blind corner and base cabinet pull-outs, and much more, for kitchens, baths, closets and drawers.

If you are looking for an economical way to organize your shelves and add value to your home, take a good look at our pull out pantry and sliding shelf solutions. For more information, or to schedule a FREE in-home consultation, please fill out the form to the right or call us at 647-748-0144.